“V” House

Nelson V Tiny House

Nelson Tiny Houses, a tiny house builder in British Columbia, has a unique little tiny house design with deep eaves and a shed roof. It measures just 8′ by 13′ and has an 11-foot high ceiling on the high side. On the inside you’ll find a nice blend of finished wood and crisp white walls. On the outside you’ll find cedar shingles and corrugated metal siding.

“This extra-small house is adorable and efficient. It will work well either as a backyard office or writing studio separate from the house, or as a home for one person who wants to live small.”

In the Fall of 2013 they’ll be offering a new design too, called the Acorn House. Visit their website for more information about Nelson Tiny Houses.

Nelson V Tiny House - On the Road


Nelson V Tiny House - interior

3 thoughts on ““V” House

  1. Jeanne says:

    It would be nice to have more pictures of the inside; to see how the designer handled the storage issues etc. Outside pictures are nice but they don’t tell us very much.

  2. Emme says:

    I would love to be able to see more pictures to get a feel for the layout. Their web site didn’t have anymore. Something like this could work great for me as I finish grad school. I’ve been thinking up an 8×12 tiny house, if I just knew I would be able to park it somewhere.

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