Vernatecture and Vernatect – Coining Two Words Today

If you didn’t already think I was a little nuts this will definitely confirm any suspicions you may have. Today I’m coining two new words and I’m totally serious. The words are Vernatecture and Vernatect.

Vernatecture: [ver-na-tek-cher] – The practice of designing buildings and other structures by unlicensed laymen designers and/or builders.

Vernatect: [ver-na-tekt] – An unlicensed laymen designer and/or builder who designs and/or builds buildings or other structures.

It occured to me that licensed architects are actually a relatively new invention and that people have been designing common buildings since the invention of the lean-to and hut. So it seemed perfectly logical to give that kind of vernacular architecture and unlicenced designer an appropriate name.

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