Wallmart Allstays App Guide (Walmart Overnight Parking)

Are you an RV fan? Then you probably heard about the Allstays apps. Allstays has a specific app for finding Wallmarts that allow overnight parking. If you think that it could be of interest for your next RV trip, keep reading to find all the information about it.

Wallmart Allstays

Is There a Walmart Overnight Parking Locator App?

Yes, there is an iOS app for Walmart overnight parking called Walmart Overnight Parking by Allstays.

The company also offers the more comprehensive Allstays Camp & RV for iOS and the desktop Allstays Pro which includes Walmart parking information. There’s also the app OverNight Parking Finder RVSleepy, an unaffiliated Android app, that can be found on the Google Play store.

About half of Walmart stores currently offer overnight parking. Not all stores participate in the program due to local conditions, which may make it unsafe. It is best to contact individual stores to ensure that the managers allow RV and car parking overnight.

Walmart offers overnight parking at some locations because its founder, Sam Walton, was an avid RV camper. Walton also believed that his chain’s many parking lots represented a business opportunity. When campers got ready to leave in the morning, they were already at the perfect place to stop and resupply their RVs.

Besides the apps, the best method to be sure that a certain Wallmart offers overnight parking  is to call the store directly and speak to the store manager. Even if you have located a store on one of the parking apps shared above, Walmart may turn you away if you don’t double-check with the manager before your stay.

What Is Allstays?

The Allstays program aims to help tent and RV campers find safe, legal places to stay. While the company was founded as a camping website in 2000 and started tracking Walmart overnight parking in 2002, it soon expanded to cover the entire United States and parts of Canada, listing camping options for both tent and RV enthusiasts.

Allstays is an independent company. It is not owned or sponsored by Walmart in any way. Its iOS and desktop apps have become two of the most popular ways for RV and tent campers to plan overnight stops.

The Allstays apps offer updated Walmart overnight parking information and include camping guidelines for public and private land across the United States. The apps are helpful for truckers and recreational drivers.

They have propane and water availability, dumping stations, steep grades, highway clearances, and many other categories. The apps can also offer a full range of highway services and amenities. They make it easy for a driver to plan a trip anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Allstays Camp & RV vs. Allstays Pro

The platform is the first distinction between Allstays Camp & RV and Allstays Pro. Allstays Camp & RV is an iOS (iPhone, iPad) app. Allstays Pro is a desktop program that runs on Windows and Mac systems and mobile browsers.

The second difference is the cost. You can download Allstays Camp & RV from the iOS App Store for $9.99 as a one-time purchase. Allstays Pro costs $34.95 annually, though discount plans are available if you pay for multiple years at a time.

While Allstays Camp & RV is highly informative, Allstays Pro contains much more data on campsites, roads, and hotels. Both apps are usable offline, meaning drivers do not need cell coverage or Wi-Fi to use them. Backcountry campers and those outside their cell service area find this feature helpful.

Allstays App Reviews

Campers and drivers frequently cite Allstays Pro as an essential tool that enhances their experience. Using apps by Allstays, campers can find RV dumps, campsites of all kinds, and the amenities needed to make a trip more enjoyable. The Allstays apps receive high marks in the RV, trucker, and tent camping communities.

The comprehensive Allstays Pro app displays many services on the map. The six default categories are camping areas, low clearances, RV businesses, rest areas, sporting goods stores, and truck stops. It is simple to find camping spots of all kinds, from free to full-service RV hookups. Searches are easy to filter so drivers can plan their routes. Allstays Pro also allows access to Google Earth offline. Allstays Pro is ad-free.

Allstays Camp & RV also receives glowing reviews. It is a pared-down version of Allstays Pro, but it provides enough data for casual campers or RV enthusiasts to plot their journeys. The app allows users to submit changes, including the number of RV spots available at each Walmart and whether businesses have opened or closed. Users like the app because it is convenient, easy, and reliable. “Power users” like full-time RV families and truck drivers may prefer the Allstays Pro app even though it is more expensive.

How To Use Allstays for Walmart Overnight Parking?

It is easy to find Walmart stores allowing overnight parking on Allstays Pro and Allstays Camp & RV. When you open Allstays Pro, it will take you to a “heat map” screen showing all the data points. Scroll further to your location or click on the funnel icon to open the filtering feature. Filtering will enable you to choose stores or camping areas by type.

This Walmart parking demo video will explain exactly how to pinpoint what you are looking for in Allstays Pro. You may also find the Allstays Pro master video tutorial helpful.

In Allstays Camp & RV, the system is similar, but there are fewer details. It’s easy to find overnight Walmart camping through the filtering system (funnel icon). This overview of Allstays Camp & RV will show more of its features.

Wallmart Allstays

Walmart Parking Lot Rules

Walmart offers overnight parking due to its company history of supporting the RV community. In some circumstances, Walmart stores allow semi-truck parking as well. The company is also happy to provide a chance for campers to stock up before continuing their travels. However, campers should know that Walmart does not provide electrical hookups, dumping, or other services.

Some Walmart stores do not offer overnight parking because local zoning regulations forbid it. Local campgrounds sometimes complain that free Walmart camping cuts into their business.

The general rules for parking at Walmart are as follows:

  • Call the store manager for permission before parking overnight, even if you found the location in an app.
  • Walmart usually gives camping permission for one night only.
  • Do not litter or dump tanks in the sewer.
  • Be quiet and considerate.

The homeless policy at Walmart varies by location. At some stores, homeless populations have overstayed their welcome and caused problems by littering and panhandling. If there is a large homeless population in the area, an individual Walmart store may choose not to offer overnight parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find some commonly asked questions below if you still would like to know more.

Can you leave your car at Walmart for a week?

Not unless you have specific permission from the store manager. Generally, this is not allowed by any Walmart store.

Who owns Allstays?

Allstays is an independent company. Walmart does not own or control it.

Is there an Allstays app for Android?

Allstays was initially available on the Android app store, but the company removed it in 2017 due to rising costs. Fortunately, you can use Allstays Pro on a mobile browser on any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Whether you are a casual or full-time traveler, these apps by Allstays will help you find overnight parking at Walmart and many other helpful locations. Keep the parking rules in mind when you plan an overnight stop at Walmart.

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