Who’s Next Entry – Version 2

Below is the updated design for my Who’s Next Competition entry. At first you’ll probably think it’s an entirely different house but when you compare the floor plan to the first version you’ll quickly realize they are pretty much the same… just in a slightly different arrangement.

All the changes were made as a result of reader feedback in comments and directly though email. The main themes I heard were:

  • Improve accessibility.
  • Add an optional method to move from space to space in winter.
  • Add an optional garage.
  • Reduce the total square footage.
  • The modular approach is not as efficient as a simple house of the same square footage.
  • Open up the covered patio.

For the next round I’m going to refocus my attention on specific features, make them the priority, and bring more cohesiveness to this tiny house cluster. But I do like what’s happening with the courtyard and can see making that the focal point and possibly adding a covered walkway all the way around.

So take a look at this awkard phase 2 and let me know what you think. Thanks Again!

Below: There would be a door connecting the main unit to the enclosed walkway. There would not be an interior french or sliding door into the bedroom. I left it in by accident.


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