10 Square – Design Competition

The Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History in Nelson, BC is sponsoring a tiny shelter design competition in conjunction with an exhibit that is currently running called Shelter: How We Live. The exhibit also includes a pallet house built onsite which I hope to share with you here soon.

The primary design requirements of the competition are:

  • Maximum footprint of 10m2 (approximately 107 square feet)
  • Maximum height of 4m (approximately 14 feet)
  • Buildable using materials that are readily sourced locally
  • Intended as a self-contained, independent living unit for one or more people
  • Incorporate green or recycled materials and/or systems

The entry deadline was just extended to Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 5 p.m. PST. To enter visit the competition website for the complete set of project requirements and instructions on submitting your entry.

7 thoughts on “10 Square – Design Competition

  1. Parrot whisperer says:

    self contained? That’s hard. I would enter this if I had a computer that could draw in 3d…

    If anyone is entering this competition, I recommend checking out my blog: towardsabettertinyhouse.wordpress.com

    I’ve been thinking about this sort of thing for a while now, I think I would include the high efficiency hot water system, the pop out bathroom, heat exchanger and good sealing, the air conditioning approaches I talked about, the cheapened solar array, flip up kitchen countertop, one of those hide-in-the ceiling beds mentioned on tinyhousetalk, laminar flow ventilation…. and a water recycler only if there isn’t enough space for rainwater catchment.

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