12×24 Homesteader’s Cabin Plans

Over a year ago I drew a design for a 12×24 Cabin but never finished the plans. I was suffering from a sort of writer’s block. No form of therapy seemed to work to help me break free – not even reading Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. Inspiring book – but other people’s answers rarely work for me.

Back when I was a potter I had trouble finishing work too. I guess I just liked the time on the wheel when the clay was wet. Once the pots were ready to glaze I often lost interest unless the firing process involved a lot of direct involvement like pit firing or raku. I guess you could say the same thing is true of this design – once the drawing was close to an end I lost interest.

What finally worked – to break the creative block – was to simply let go. I know most folks reading this probably don’t give a rat’s behind about my creative process but I do and this is my blog… so consider slogging through this little prologue the price to pay to get to the free download.

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