$300 Earthbag House

This is Owen Geiger‘s entry to The $300 House Open Design Challenge. Owen is an earthbag expert and the former Director of Builders Without Borders and Founder and Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building.

The design challenge started out as an idea described by Vijay Govindarajan and Christian Sarkar in a blog post at the Harvard Business Review. In a nutshell, they proposed that it might be possible for a simple home to be built for less than $300. At this price point a viable alternative would become available for millions of people currently living in hazardous makeshift housing around the world.

The initial idea was met with many positive responses, so they decided to take it to the next level and invite people to submit their design concepts through an open design competition.

Take a closer look at this earthbag home design at Earthbag Building Blog.

To learn more about the competition and review the entries visit The $300 House website.


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