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Arkiboat Houseboat

This is the Arkiboat, a houseboat designed by architect Drew Heath. I rarely post houseboats on Tiny House Design, especially what appear to be expensive ones, but this one grabbed my attention. Like many boats it’s a good example of how to make good use of a small space but this one is designed more […]

Funky Bunky

What you see below is a playhouse made by the folks at Funky Bunky up in Canada. As you can see it looks like a whimsical animation that’s come to life and I’m certain kids will love playing in little playhouses like these. But now imagine taking this funky style an applying it to a […]

Blu Homes – Innovative Folding Homes

Blu Homes is using a new approach for manufacturing factory-built homes. Like manufactured homes they are built in a climate-controlled facility and engineered to use materials efficiently to keep construction costs low. But they’ve designed the buildings to fold-up which lowers transportation and installation costs. They’ve also made an effort to keep the buildings environmentally […]

LifePod™ – Solar Backyard Office

I spotted this on Shedworking this morning. The LifePod™ is being developed by a company in San Diego, California called Envision Solar and should be available in 2010. Envision Solar builds many different kinds of photovoltaic panel topped shade structures like those you see popping up over parking lots. The LifePod™ takes that shade structure […]

Opera Redefines The Tent Trailer

One of my readers, Mark, sent me a link to this great new tent trailer… and I must admit I’m having trouble even thinking of it as a tent trailer because it is has such an innovative design. It was designed by Axel Enthoven and is named the Opera due to its resemblance to the […]

Yes Wee Cabins by Tim Guiles

This is Tim Guiles, a tiny house builder up in Vermont. His tiny house company is called Yes Wee Cabins. Tim has been living in tiny spaces since 1988 when he bought a sailboat that he lived aboard full-time for three years. During that time he learned the benefits of downsizing his possessions first hand. […]

Wildflower Tiny House For Sale

I just got an email from Kim who stumbled on a tiny house for sale in the Minneapolis craigslist. The seller is asking $22,900 for this tiny house. It measures 8′ by 18′ and when mounted on a trailer is 13′ 5″ (trailer not included). Thanks to Kim for passing this on to me. I […]

A closer look at the Sonoma Shanty tiny house plans

The Sonoma Shanty is an affordable tiny house solution that came out of a collaboration between Kent Griswold and Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer. This is actually one of the projects that was born from a meet-up a few of us had last year at Jay Shafer’s place in Sebastopol, California. You […]

Cube Shaped Vacation Rental by Carre d’etoiles

These tiny houses are vacation rentals designed to provide very comfortable accommodations for those who want to get-out while not giving up all the comforts of home. On their website they describe these cubes as being an excellent way for hotel operators to expand their business affordably while offering a completely different kind of accommodation. […]

Tiny Tubular Microlodge Hobbit House

Steve Millar sent me a link recently to this amazing little creation. It’s a tubular tiny house available in the UK. They are 14-feet long and 8-feet in diameter and is constructed from pressure treated 2×4’s and tongue & groove weatherboard coated with Sadolin varnish. The roof is covered in Rubberoid hexagonal shingles. The front […]