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Hansen Wheel Shop in South Dakota

I have to thank Julia, my wife, for finding this great wagon builder. The Hansen Wheel Shop, a family owned business in Letcher, South Dakota, builds these authentic horse drawn vehicles to very high craftsmanship standards. Doug Hansen started the business in 1978 and has worked as a wainwright and wheelwright ever since. Below is just a small sample […]

Reclaimed Space – Small House Builder

Reclaimed Space is a small house builder in Austin, Texas. They specialize in creating factory built homes using reclaimed building materials on the outer facades and all new material for the structural framing and roof. Before the house is brought by truck to the building site all construction is complete including insulation, wiring, and plumbing. A […]

Area 63 Productions – Airstream Restorations

Uwe Salwender restores Airstream trailers in Orange, California. His company, Area 63 Productions, emerged out of a hobby at the beginning of the recession when his entertainment industry related work began to dry up and the number of people looking for ways of rebooting their lives increased. The quality of his restorations reflects the extra time […]

Yome Home – Hybrid Yurt Dome

Red Sky Shelters builds an interesting hybrid dome yurt they call the Yome. It uses a geodesic dome style structure for the walls and roof instead of the fence-like lattice work you’ll find in some yurts. The walls are then wrapped in a fire resistant breathable fabric. The roof uses a more tightly sealed water […]

Daphne’s Caravans

Pictured here is a collection of gypsy caravans camped out at NERO Canada. If you’d like to build one of these tiny homes yourself Daphne’s Caravans can help. They have a growing online forum that they call The Caravan Workshop where you can connect with other caravan owners and builders. They can also be hired to […]

Palladio’s Escape Cottage Plans

This small prefab home drew a lot of interest when I first posted it here on Tiny House Design. Palladio’s Escape encloses 412 square feet and has a footprint that measures 18′ by 26′. Inside you’ll find a full kitchen, two small pantries, an eating bar, living room, and space for a washer and dryer. […]

Compact Cabins from Sweden

Above is the SASA1, a design from Kjellander + Sjoberg Arkitektkontor, an architectural firm in Stockholm, Sweden. They have developed a line of 15m2 (160 square feet) cabins designed to avoid building permits. They can be adapted for many different functions such as saunas, studios, garden offices, and workshops. Some can even be used year-round. The […]


I think this might be the anti-cubicle. It’s a backyard home office workspace called the archipod. It sure looks cool but it just seems really really weird when you stop to look at the combination of details. The first thing, after the spaceship hatch, that I noticed didn’t seem right were the shingles that cover […]

Portland Alternative Dwellings

Dee Williams has launched the Portland Alternative Dwellings website with the web design help of Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. The first design they’ve created is the The Don Vardo (pictured below) which demonstrates the high quality craftsmanship of the homes they will build. It’s intended to be a writing/guest studio and complete with electric radiant heat, […]

How to build a Tumbleweed Tiny House

Jay Shafer and the team at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company have just put the finishing touches on a great video that shows the construction of a Tumbleweed Fencl. I especially liked seeing details like how they connect the house to the trailer and all the details about the interior paneling and exterior siding installation. […]