10 Cheapest Ways to Rent an RV

If you want to take a comfortable road trip, renting an RV is the way to go. The convenience of renting an RV includes having a bed, bathroom, and kitchenette. You won’t need to stop at a hotel. If you get tired of eating out, you can have a “home-cooked” meal right in the RV.

Rent an RV

If traveling in an RV is on your bucket list, you probably know the cheapest way to rent one is to go through a rental agency like Cruise America or El Monte, which requires you to make a down payment and sign a contract that can cost more than $100. Some RV rental companies even have rates of $1/day or less.

But you should also look at the terms of use. Some RVs are meant to be driven only on the highway, leaving out important destinations for day trips. Others are designed to stay at RV parks. And some RVs are meant to be driven only within one state.

If you want to save money and enjoy your vacation, look for the least expensive RV rental agency. You can see some on here.

10 Cheapest Ways to Rent an RV

If you’re ready to invest in the cheapest vacation rental, look no further. Here are some of the cheapest ways to get yourself in an RV.

1. RV Sharing Apps

Such apps include Outdoorsy, GoCampers (in Iceland), and RVShare. These apps match people who want to rent an RV with those who can let them use it. You save by not paying a rental fee. You should read the fine print so you know what to expect, such as mileage fees and where you cannot drive the RV. Campendium also is a good resource for these types of apps.

2. Rental Websites

You can locate cheap RV rentals on Cruise America. Such sites are very convenient since you can look for RVs in your area and narrow down the search by price. But these sites have a wide range of prices depending on the condition of the RV.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is more than just a place to find an apartment or someone you can go on a date with. You can use it to find an RV. You can even list your own if you have one to sell or rent. Since Craigslist is free, the transaction is cheaper than through an agency. Just be aware of potential scams.

4. RV Rental Forums

You can also look for rental forums and join them to ask other RV owners about how much they charge for rent or to post your ad. You should look out for red flags such as people asking for money before you see and test drive an RV.

5. Book During Off-peak Seasons

You can utilize the low season to your advantage. RV rentals tend to be more affordable during off-peak seasons like the fall, winter, or early spring. Summer is by far the most expensive season.

6. RV Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can help you find local deals. You should be careful about fake ads and high prices, but if you have a good internet connection, you can use this to your advantage. You should click on the link in the post to find pictures and prices of RVs you want to rent.

7. Consider Using Smaller RVs

Your RV does not have to be a giant. You can use a smaller one if you don’t have a lot of friends who will join you on the trip and that way, you won’t have to pay extra for gas. It also means that you will have less space, but the smaller size means lower maintenance.

Class A

These RVs are the biggest. They can seat 8 to 12 people, sleep 7-8 people and have a full bathroom that is separate from the kitchen. These are usually found at RV resorts and can be as big as 45 feet. Living quarters can expand.

Some may even come with laundry machines. The types of amenities of these are expansive such as a full bath/shower and entertainment systems. You also have plenty of storage space for your items.

Be careful driving this huge vehicle in certain locations may be troublesome. A smaller RV may be better if you plan to drive in areas with twisty roads or small parking spaces. These also use tons of fuel. Buying a Class A motorhome can cost $100,000 to $400.000.

Class B

This class of RVs is often called a camper van. They have a shower, toilet, fridge, and A/C units. These are easier to drive than a Class A one. These RVs are ideal for no more than two travelers. These are best for day trips as opposed to long cross-country adventures. These are very easy to set up once you arrive at camp and are a great way to save on fuel costs.

Class C

A Class C RV motorhome sits on an existing truck and van chassis. It has more similarities to a class A than a class B. You will get more living space in this model than a class B.

These RVs usually come with convertible tables/couches that turn into beds. Users can tow a separate vehicle with these but these RVs may be challenging to drive.

8. Cut Down On Amenities

You can cut down on amenities if you don’t need them. If you are okay without a microwave, cut out the cost of renting one by asking the owner if you can rent an RV without one. You can also ask about other appliances but do not rent an RV with mold or damage, even if it is cheaper.


Table of  

Amenity Kitchen Tools/Kit Cleaning Fee TV-DVD Player Bicyle Rack Bed Linens
Rates $50-$100 $40-$150 $5-$50 per day $5-$50 per day $15-80 as part of a package


9. Look For the Right RV Type

An RV’s type can be a big factor in how much you will pay for rent. Some RVs are in high demand so you might have to pay more to get them. But if you don’t need an RV with lots of bells and whistles, save money by using a basic RV model. If you can also find one that doesn’t require much maintenance or has no leak history, that’s even better.

RV types include :

  • Motorized RVs – closest thing to a home on wheels since they have an engine. When talking about RV classes A, B, and C, we are referring to motorhomes.
  • Truck Campers – fit inside the bed of a pickup truck
  • Towable RVs – popular ones that sleep up to 8 people. You need a truck to tow these. You can detach your vehicle from this RV after you set up at the campsite. These come in various types such as Fifth wheels, Toy Haulers, and Travel Trailers.

10. Think About Your Fees

RV fees include insurance, maintenance, inspections, parking fees. Your parking fees will depend on the time of year you go. Where you park also affects the fees. If you park on a site operated by the National Parks Service, you will save money.

According to Cruise America, the Grand Canyon charges as little as $10 per night for the NPS site but the part not run by NPS can cost as much as $60 a night.

In terms of gas fees, that is relative to the size and type of RV you have.

Rent an RV

Cheapest Places to Rent an RV

What are relocation rentals? Relocation rentals provide an opportunity to get great discounts on RV rentals. You can rent an RV for as little as $1 per day. Sometimes companies end up with too many RVs in the same location and need help getting them back. In this case, travelers can get money to transport these RVs to a particular location.

You have to be over 21 to sign up for a relocation rental. Drivers should also have had their license for at least two years.

Types of Relocation Rentals

Best Websites or Apps for Cheap Rates

  • Imoova – operates relocation rentals in the U.S.A, Europe, the U.K, Canada, and New Zealand. Rates start at $1 a day.When you are planning a holiday, the company will match the date with RVs that need relocation. If they have enough people, you can join the waitlist.
  • Coseats – go to the bottom of the page to search relocation offers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Transfercar – drivers can be 18 for relocation rentals for cars or RVs.
  • RVTrip Wizard – gives you tips on saving money and finding safe RV camps.

Several companies such as Outdoorsy, Cruise America, El Monte RV, and Motorhome Republic offer the best rates for RV rentals.



RV Rental Company EL Monte RV Cruise America Motorhome rentals Outdoorsy
Typical Daily Rates $9 a day oneway/ relocation rentals


$10-$75 based on the season


start at $119 a night.


rentals start at $50 a night.


The most expensive lists for $950 a night.


RV share rentals average $150 a night but can be as low as $50 for travel trailers.

14 Things You Should Know Before Booking an RV

  1. You should know what driving an RV feels like before making a long trip. So rent one for a long weekend first before taking a plunge cross-country.
  2. Understand RV types. Do your research and make sure you rent one that fits your needs.
  3. Don’t forget to investigate the safety of a campsite/RV site.
  4. You don’t need a special license for one. Most RVs weigh below 26,000 pounds, so they don’t require a special license in the U.S.A.
  5. You may not want to drive a Class A model on the first trip. Class A RVs are huge and resemble driving buses. Of course, if you have handled bus driving before, then it doesn’t matter.
  6. You have many rental options.Remember to use the apps and websites mentioned above. You may rent from both businesses or private owners.
  7. Relocation rentals are a great option to save lots of money and explore.
  8. You have to rent a campsite space – you can’t just park your RV anywhere.
  9. RV travel has seasons. If you go in the high season- summer- it will be more expensive to rent and use a parking site.
  10. Because RVs have their bathrooms, you will eventually have to empty those contents out yourself. Don’t worry, your RV will come with gloves for sanitation.
  11. Be aware of your RV’s features. All RVs don’t have the same features and amenities. Some have laundry, while some may barely have room to fit two standing people.
  12. You should buy additional RV insurance. The company will provide liability insurance, however, rental insurance is your responsibility. It is worth getting just in case you have an accident while on the road. If your RV gets damaged, your separate renter’s insurance will cover the cost. 
  13. Most RVs charge per day, not by mileage.
  14. You can get an RV with unlimited mileage. If the vehicle offers unlimited mileage, you will see it under the details section on sites and apps.

Whatever you do, make sure you utilize all of your online options to do plenty of research about RV rentals.

Is It Cheaper to Rent or Buy an RV?

It is best to rent an RV when you plan to take the vehicle for a few days, weeks, or months. You can always rent an RV as a temporary housing option if you are relocating. Rent one as you take your time looking at places to live in.

The best thing is that you can also mix and match which works out cheaper depending on how long you want to use it for.

You can use a rental RV to test drive before buying a similar model. If you want to buy an RV, you can rent different models for different trips. In other words, RV rental is a great way to do some hands-on research before buying one.

When you are in a foreign country, it makes sense to rent an RV instead of buying one if you will only be there temporarily.

Most people will not use their RVs daily – or even weekly. If you buy an RV just to let it sit somewhere, you will end up wasting tons of money. While owning one can be great, you are not just paying for the RV itself. As an owner, you still have to find and pay for a place to store it.

Unfortunately, it is not legal to store an RV in your backyard. You will also have to pay for maintenance.

If you take the RV out for weekly trips, it makes sense to avoid rental fees and buy one.

Of course, if you are a constant road traveler, then buying an RV may be for you. Many people have become digital nomads in the past few years. Some travelers have willingly given up apartments for “Van life”. If you are tempted to make that lifestyle change, an RV purchase may make sense. Save money by buying used vehicles.

The prices to purchase an RV can vary drastically based on the type and condition of the vehicle. You can buy a new RV motorhome if you don’t have a hard time spending at least $100,000. Before buying an RV, be sure to check the insurance rates and registration fees because these costs add up.

As mentioned before, you must keep your RV somewhere. If you have the funds, you can buy an RV lot instead of renting space out.

The rates of buying a used RV can be relatively cheaper. You can get one for as low as $10,000 to $20,000 but please note that there are hidden costs you have to consider such as the replacement cost of broken parts and accessories. You also want to make sure the previous owner allows you to inspect the vehicle before taking it on.

When it comes to purchasing an RV, the price range is quite large. So shop around for it because prices can be affected by the accessories you choose to add to the vehicle. There are RV dealerships that allow you to customize your model according to your needs. If you do decide to buy one, it can last for 10 -20 years.


How much does it cost to rent an RV for a month?

It costs around $1,500-$5,000 for a month. This rate varies depending on where you live and whether or not you want extra amenities like microwaves and ACs.

How much does it cost to rent an RV for a weekend?

If you want to rent an RV for a weekend, it will cost around $250-$600. This is mostly due to the number of days in a standard weekend versus going on a long weekend. You must also consider the size of the RV. If you can complete a relocation rental throughout the weekend, then it will be way cheaper ( $1 per day).

Who qualifies for a relocation rental?

If you are a driver in good standing, you can qualify for the relocation rental discount. You simply have to be at least 18 (usually 21) and have a valid driver’s license. If you since up to do a relocation rental in another country, you may have to get your IDL ( International Driver’s License) first. Your regular state Driver’s license is just fine in the U.S.A.

What if I can’t find a relocation for my route?

If you cannot find a relocation rental for the route, check if the company has a recreational vehicle available. Look up other companies in your area that rent RVs. You have several options to rent RVs from and different sites that offer relocation rentals.

What are the best one-way rental companies?

For a one-way rental, choose Cruise America. There are as many as 132 locations for you to book a one-way rental from. A one-way RV rental is perfect for a cross-country move.

Do you really need insurance for an RV rental?

The short answer is yes! You will need full RV insurance coverage to rent one of these vehicles. You will also need insurance when leasing an RV. The only exemption for special insurance comes when you own your RV. Finding RV coverage is simple. Companies such as Progressive, Good Sam, and National General offer RV insurance.

Are there rent-to-own cheap RVs?

Yes. If you’re looking to buy an RV, several rent-to-own places will allow you to pay the price in monthly installments. Other than this, there are also websites like Rvtrader where you can find sellers who offer affordable rates for their RVs.

Rates of Amenities

Relocation rentals and how to find them

RV rental company info

Renter’s insurance information

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