Dodge Durango Towing Capacity Guide

There aren’t many three-row SUVs that exude ruggedness quite like the 2022 Dodge Durango. Its optional V-8 engine provides the oomph it needs to live up to its eye-catching exterior. The robust 2022 Dodge Durango is equipped with considerable power; a V-6 engine is standard and gives enough output, and the Durango has a much larger towing capacity than its competitors.

This mid-size SUV has the adequate towing capacity to guarantee that you never miss out on a camping or fishing trip. How much towing capacity does the new Dodge Durango have? To learn more, continue reading.

Dodge Durango Towing Capacity

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Is Dodge Durango Good For Towing?

The 2022 Dodge Durango is an excellent example of a mid-size SUV with tremendous towing capacity. Properly equipped and powered by three high-performance engines, the Dodge Durango’s maximum towing capacity is an incredible 8,700 pounds.

As for the price, the entry-level SXT trim level of the Durango costs $35,475, which is within the range of typical values for the category. The price of the middle-tier Dodge Durango R/T is $47,625, while the price of the top-tier Dodge Durango SRT 392 is $66,670.

Dodge Durango towing features

Due to its exceptional towing capabilities and safety features, you won’t have any trouble transporting cargo across highways or rugged terrain in the Dodge Durango. These are the towing features you can expect from the new mid-size SUV:

  • 50/50 weight distribution
  • Trailer Sway Control
  • 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Ready-alert braking
  • Electronic stability control
  • Forward collision warning with active braking

Dodge Durango engine options

The towing capability of a Dodge Durango varies based on the vehicle’s engine. You may, however, pick from three engines to achieve the power and towing capacity that best fits your lifestyle and towing needs.

Durango R/T / R/T PLUS / Citadel

  • Engine: 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine 
  • Horsepower:  360 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque

Durango SRT® 392 All-Wheel-Drive

  • Engine: 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine
  • Horsepower: 475 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque

Durango SXT/ GT Plus

  • Engine: 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine
  • Horsepower: 295-horsepower, 260-pound-foot torque

What Can A Dodge Durango Tow?

The Dodge Durango is a capable towing vehicle with the right equipment and accessories. The basic model’s Pentastar 3.6 liter V6 engine can pull 6,200 pounds. The Durango’s towing capacity makes hauling a pop-up camper, jet skis, a boat, and small travel trailers weighing up to 5,000 pounds safe and easy with this vehicle.

The weight of a Dodge Durango 2022 may range anywhere from 4357 to 7100 pounds, depending on the model year and trim level.

How Much Towing Capacity Does A Dodge Durango Have?

Dodge Durango Towing and Engine Chart:


SXT, GT, and Citadel

  • Engine: 3.6L Pentastar® V6 
  • Towing Capacity: 6,200 pounds 


  • Engine: 5.7L HEMI® V8 
  • Towing Capacity: 8,700 pounds 


  • Engine: 6.4L HEMI® V8 
  • Towing Capacity: 8,700 pounds

2021 4th Engine Option

SRT Hellcat

  • Engine: Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® V8
  • Towing Capacity: 8,700 pounds


SXT, GT, and Citadel

  • Engine: 3.6L V6 
  • Towing capacity: 6,200 pounds


  • Engine: 5.7L V8 Hemi
  • Towing capacity: 7,400 pounds


  • Engine: 6.4L V8 Hemi 
  • Towing capacity: 8,700 pounds

Which Dodge Durango model has the highest capacity?

Those needing a solid SUV for pulling heavy loads may go no further than the Dodge Durango SRT 392.

Dodge Durango Towing Capacity

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How Do You Tow With Dodge Durango?

A tow hitch for your Dodge Durango is entirely doable. Expect to spend $441.67 for a genuine Mopar Trailer Hitch kit.

A Class IV trailer hitch receiver, a few tools, and around three hours are all needed to finish the installation of a trailer hitch on your Durango. Just follow a few simple instructions to get your Dodge Durango ready to tow baggage trailers and bike racks.

Do you need a tow package to tow?

You should look into purchasing the Tow package if you want your All Wheel Drive or Rear-wheel Drive Durango to have an increased pulling capacity. Towing packages come standard with four- and seven-pin wire connections, which are used to provide electricity to the signals.

Can You Add A Towing Package To A Dodge Durango?

Four packages with varying trim levels for your Durango are now available. The Durango R/T Tow N’ Go package is only available on all-wheel-drive (AWD) R/T models and adds $4,995 to the Durango R/T AWD MSRP.

How do you know if your Dodge Durango has a towing package?

If your bumper has a ball mount or a circular hole where a ball may be installed, you can tow it with it. This is not, however, the best setting for towing. If you plan on towing frequently, you’ll need to install a hitch receiver with a towing package to tow your vehicle safely.

Does adding a towing package increase towing capacity?

Technically speaking, a weight-distribution hitch will not boost your vehicle’s towing capability. For your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road, you must keep within your Durango’s tow capacity.

What is included in the Dodge Durango towing package?

While the Tow N Go addition is only available on the R/T trim level of the Dodge Durango, any aftermarket or dealer-installed class IV trailer hitch will work just fine on the Durango SXT. Ensure that it is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing an aftermarket trailer hitch.

What is the factory towing package?

Manufacturers’ tow packages often include a factory-installed wire harness. You can identify whether your vehicle has a trailer brake controller by looking for a connecting block on the dashboard above the parking brake location.

The factory wire harness eliminates the need to splice into the brake pedal switch wiring when installing a brake controller. It’s also a red flag if the hitch wire emerges out of the bottom of both brake light assemblies. This is not factory wiring but aftermarket. There is a built-in hitch on the back of the vehicle.

What is the SXT package?

More choices are available with the SXT Plus trim level, but limited choices exist. This package does not include a selection of engines, but it does have options such as sunroofs and heated steering wheels, as well as a choice of color and trim levels.

What is the Durango Tow & Go package?

To produce a Durango R/T AWD with a HEMI V8 engine, better appearance, and enormous towing capability, buyers opt to purchase the Tow ‘n Go package for $5,500. This towing package offers high-performance suspension, an integrated trailer brake controller, and Class IV Trailer Hitch, to name a few features.


Do all Durangos have a tow package?

Only AWD R/T versions of the Durango can have the Tow N’ Go option; however, more tow packages are available depending on your particular Durango. Inquire with your car dealership about your options.

Do all Durangos have a tow hitch?

You can absolutely install a trailer tow hitch on your Durango if you so want.

Does the 2019 Durango come with a trailer hitch?

Designed for the 2019 Dodge Durango, the Draw-Tite 75713 is a class 3 bolt-on trailer hitch. With a maximum trailer weight of 7,500lb and a maximum tongue weight of 600lb, the hitch can handle both small and heavy cargo.

How much can a Dodge Durango V8 pull?

V8 engines in the Durango can tow a maximum of 8,700 pounds.

How much can a Dodge Durango tow without a tow package?

Depending on the final trim level, a Durango can tow between 6,200 and 8,700 pounds without a trailer tow package.

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