Earthbag Building Work Exchange Opporutunity

Here’s a great opportunity to learn to build an earthbag tiny house at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. In trade for hands-on experience building with earthbags you’ll be asked to hang out for a month, work about 30 hours a week, and move heavy objects. But you’ll also be treated to vegan food and life at a thriving ecovillage. I spotted this on Ziggy’s cob house blog this morning but you should also check out Jeff’s earthbag house for the details on this work exchange offer.

3 thoughts on “Earthbag Building Work Exchange Opporutunity

  1. This Tiny House says:

    Thanks for posting this! Dancing Rabbit is a beautiful place. I was lucky enough to visit them a couple of years ago and I was pleasantly surprised by the place. Several of my friends have lived there. -Hillary

  2. Michael Janzen says:

    Hi Yoseff,

    If you have land the first thing to do if research your local building/zoning requirements. Learn about what is allowed.

    Then learn as much as you can about building including plumbing, electrical, framing, etc. The more you can do yourself the better.

    Learn where you can scavenge cheap building materials locally. Many communities have businesses that buy and sell the left-overs from larger projects.

    Build small and simple.

    Most of that is free… just takes time. Good luck!

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