Hexayurt, Appropedia and Sustainable Living

In your wanderings on the Internet you’ve probably stumbled across the Hexayurt. It’s an emergency shelter designed by Vinay Gupta that can be built for about $200. Vinay has also been contributing to building a wealth of information on sustainable living at Appropedia.org.

I’ve just started skimming the surface of this incredible resource but thought I’d make a quick recommendation to my readers to check it out. Much of the information gathered there pertains to simple small housing solutions and sustainable living.

Vinay has a related project dedicated to a mass-evacuation plan and disaster survival at disastr.org. This is a little off-topic for Tiny House Design but I thought I’d mention it since I know many of my readers are also interested in disaster preparedness.

3 thoughts on “Hexayurt, Appropedia and Sustainable Living

  1. Chriswaterguy says:

    Thanks for the mention of Appropedia! And Hexayurt – that’s a great project.

    I’m a big fan of using space intelligently – a bit like the “Not So Small House” book but more emphasis on the majority of people, who have more limited budgets. Nice but affordable spaces in expensive city environments, and allowing for higher densities to make public transport, walking an cycling more attractive options – lots of benefits from tiny house design.

    Have you thought about a Creative Commons <a href="http://www.appropedia.org/Open_licenses"open license for your blog? That would enable anyone to reuse your content as long as they give attribution – e.g. on Appropedia.

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