Milanville Cabin

Byan Purcell and Lauren Manoogain are artists who work in Brooklyn, NY. Byan makes jewelry for Witness Company and Lauren works in textiles. These are some photographs made by Backyard Bill at their cabin in Milanville, PA.

Not all vacation retreats or second homes need to be posh palaces. Maybe a little grounding in simple living is what the spirit calls for especially when days are spent in the city. Well… this is what Byan and Lauren seem to have created in Milanville – a small rustic cabin in the woods.

It appears that the cabin is off-the-grid and dry – no plumbing. The tiny battery charger solar panels in one photo and the bucket shower and humanure toilet are dead giveaways. Not all rustic cabins have to be this rustic, but it’s a great example of how little one actually needs to be comfortable. A home can be what you make it – especially if you make it yourself – so make it the way you want.

Photos by Backyard Bill. See more of Backyard Bill’s incredible photographs on his website.

4 thoughts on “Milanville Cabin

  1. Ralph Sly says:

    This is really great, I have every amenity at the end a phone line but have found ways around using them even in the city. I do have to pay for services I do not need but that comes with being in this location, I try to use them as little and seldom as possible and it is amazing how little you actually need to use if you conscious of being a bit thrifty.

  2. alice h says:

    It’s also amazing how little water you really need when you have to carry it in and out. Not sure I could handle the lack of privacy (and no bug screens?) in that outhouse though. Perhaps it’s still under construction?

  3. David Peeples says:

    Nothing like an outdoor crapper, fresh air, birds singing, snow falling, nothin’ like it! I had one when I was working on my house!

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