Leaf House – a Tiny House in the Yukon

I’m continually amazed with the creativity and craftsmanship coming out of the tiny house community recently. This tiny house is another excellent example.

Laird lives up in the Yukon Territory, Whitehorse to be precise, and has just finished building his second tiny home. This design is called the Leaf House; here’s what he told be about it:

“This home is 20′, and I spared no expense on it. The winters are quite cold (in the Yukon), so it features triple pane windows, spray foam insulation and a wrap of 2″ of insulation. It has a full-size propane range, half size fridge, instant tankless hot water, 35 gallon tank, shower & compact bathtub, composting toilet, bathroom sink, queen size loft, pull out couch, hardwood flooring, and granite tiles.”

He also used FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) lumber, reclaimed materials, natural finishes, and other ecologically friendly building products in the home. But what blows me away are the interior details, the softened wood trim and details, the contrast between the natural woods and white walls, and the clever built-ins that provide storage & function. I also really like how he built the loft to extend over the living area and is accessed by an assortment of dual-function steps.

This house is also for sale… and just in case you’re curious, TinyHouseDesign.com receives no money for homes posted here for sale. I post them in the hope of connecting folks like Laird with folks looking for quality built tiny homes.

To learn more about this house visit tinyhousing.ca.

Leaf House Yukon Canada - Exterior Detail Leaf House Yukon Canada - Interior Detail Leaf House Yukon Canada - Interior


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