Everything You Need to Know About the MORryde Pin Box

What Is A MORryde Pin Box?

A MORryde Pin Box is a brand of a pin box for fifth-wheels that is specifically designed to minimize chucking (which is a jarring back-and-forth motion the weight of the trailer can create when being towed). It is a rubber pin box system that moves back-and-forth and side-to-side to absorb the transfer of energy from the trailer to your truck for a smoother in-cab ride.

In order to tow a fifth-wheel, you need to have a fifth-wheel hitch assembly. There are different styles that offer different benefits and address different needs for each application.

A pin box (also referred to as the king-pin box) is the assembly that is attached to your fifth-wheel and consists of a swivel arm and a king pin that locks into your hitch assembly on your towing vehicle.

Since each towing vehicle is different, you might need to adjust or even change out your standard factory pin box, as some are designed for a sharp turning radius and some work really well for towing vehicles with short truck beds.

If you have the wrong pin box (and setup), you might run into clearance issues and actually damage your truck or RV!

As mentioned above, the king pin locks into the hitch assembly on your truck. There are different king-pin designs, depending on your pin box choice.

In addition to the turning radius, one has to consider the overall towing weight capacity, customer reviews, time on the market, warranty, as well as additional features that the pin box choice offers: such as a cushioned pin box with shock absorbers, as is the case with MORryde.

Pin box choices are aplenty, with three different lengths (short, medium, long) and two different angle choices (45-degree telescoping and 72-degree telescoping).

Below is a link to really useful info on different pin box models, their specification and other info that help you choose the proper pin box for your fifth-wheel and tow vehicle combo: www.etrailer.com

When it comes to king pin dimensions, there are industry standards: they come in either 2” on 3.5”. 2” is the more common size.

MORryde Pin Box Designs

MORryde pin box designs accommodate most, if not all, fifth-wheel pin box assemblies from companies like Lippert, Leland, Fabex or Venture.

To figure out the equivalent MORryde pin box replacement to the one that is on your RV, you have to identify the existing brand and its model number, which is usually located on the pin box.

If you are unable to locate the existing pin box model number, the dealership or the RV manufacturer should be able to help you by tracking down the assembly based on your VIN number.

Below is a link to all the possible MORryde options for your fifth wheel: www.morryde.com

There are different applications and common uses for each of the different designs in towing a 5th wheel:

Rubber Pin Box

  • Offers a quiet, smooth ride
  • Easy on the towing vehicle
  • Absorbs the chucking (towing road shock)
  • Standard (and most common) setup

Orbital Rotating Rubber Pin Box

  • True 90-degree turning without the use of a slider hitch
  • Greatly reduces back-and-forth and side-to-side chucking
  • Cushions towing on uneven roads
  • Jerk-free starts and stops
  • Locking wedge to prevent pivot at the 5th wheel hitch
  • Greasable spindle for smooth rotation
  • Integrated holes for lockout bolt storage
  • Rated at trailer max gross weight of 16,000 lbs

Source: www.morryde.com

You Turn Rotating Pin Box 

  • Similar to Orbital Rotating Rubber Pin Box
  • Short-bed friendly
  • 90-degree turning radius in either direction without a slider hitch
  • Must be factory-installed
  • Rated at trailer max gross weight of 16,000 lbs

How Does A MORryde Pin Box Work?

The MORryde Rubber Pin Box has a dampener mechanism that reduces the back-and-forth and side-to-side chucking, making it for a smooth ride, no matter the terrain or road conditions.

This 1-minute company video explains the features best:

How To Install MORryde Pin Box

Note: this is, at minimum, a two-person job. Do not attempt to do this alone, as you might risk injury,death or damage (or both) due to dropping the pin box.

Make sure your towing vehicle is in park mode (or turned off), your fifth-wheel is secured from moving (use chock blocks and stabilize) and that no one is under the fifth-wheel in between the pin box and the ground.

Step 1: Measure the distance of the bottom of the factory-installed king-pin to the flat bottom of the ground.

Step 2: Note the location of the pin box bolts. They should be on each side of the pin box assembly. The MORryde pin box should be using the same bolts as the factory-installed pin box. Note: due to the misalignment of the holes, some telescoping pin boxes might require a redrill of 1 or 2 mounting holes.

Step 3: Remove any attached items, such as the power cord, breakaway switch, exterior lights, etc. Note: if the breakaway switch wires are fed through the mounting hole, you might have to cut the wires to remove it. This is not always the case, however.

Step 4: Remove all but two bolts of the pin box: leave the left of the front set and the right of the rear set of the bolts in place. DO NOT remove the last two bolts until directed later on in Step 7!

Step 5: Back the truck to the fifth wheel and hook the trailer to the truck hitch.

Step 6: Using the landing gear on the fifth-wheel, raise the hitch 2-3 inches.

Step 7: Now you will remove the remaining two bolts. Prior to doing that, make sure you put a piece of plywood across the truck bed to protect it as the pin box arm will fall after it’s disconnected. Remove the first bolt, then remove the last bolt. Make sure there is no part of the body between the pin box and the truck bed when you do this! Use an impact gun to remove the last bolt.

Step 8: Pull the truck forward until the pin box clears the trailer.

Step 9: Remove the factory pin box from the truck hitch and replace it with the MORryde one.

Step 10: Place a spacer block under the rear portion of the pin box or hitch head so that it can be positioned for installation.

Step 11: Reattach any wiring that was disconnected prior to pin box removal. Make sure you use a heat shrink waterproof butt splice.

Step 12: Back the truck under the trailer. Have your helper assist you with aligning the pin box with the mounting plates. Move the truck back and forth and the landing gear up and down in order to align the mounting holes.

Step 13: Using a centering pin or a screwdriver, center the holes and install one bolt at the left side and one on the right side opposite of one another. This allows the pin box to rotate on the bolts.

Step 14: After raising the trailer to align the rear holes, add a third bolt to prevent the pin box from rotating.

Step 15: Release the truck hitch and pull the truck forward.

Step 16: Verify that the pin height is within +/- ½ inch of factory height (as measured in Step 1) before adding and tightening all the bolts. Every hole in the pin box should be filled with a bolt.

Refer to the video below for troubleshooting and exceptions on this step (timestamp is at 7:00).

Here is a link to the step-by-step process on how to install the pin box: www.youtube.com

In addition, below is the link to the pin box measurement guide to reference prior to the installation:


How To Adjust A 5th Wheel Pin Box

Michael at etrailer.com gives an expert reply to this question: “When adjusting the height of a pin box, it is important to support the pin box when removing the bolts. I recommend 2 or 3 buddies to give you a hand and make sure no one is beneath the pin box while raising or lowering it.

With the pin box supported, unbolt it, raise or lower it as needed, and then put the bolts back in and tighten them down. According to Lippert use the following torque specs:

Torque 1/2” bolts a minimum of 110 ft-lb.

Torque 5/8” bolts a minimum of 160 ft-lb.

Torque 3/4” bolts a minimum of 210 ft-lb.”

(Source: www.etrailer.com)

Benefits Of Using A MORryde Pin Box

The biggest benefit and reason why fifth-wheel owners switch to a MORryde pin box is the shock absorption. The MORryde pin box offers a smooth ride, which is really important for anyone who tows a bigger fifth-wheel for longer distances or more rugged terrain with a lot of incline/decline.


When will you know that you need an upgrade?

Ideally, the factory-standard pin box on your trailer should last the lifetime of your trailer. In some instances, however, you need to replace the pin box: when there is a lot of wear and tear due to a lot of chucking and jarring, when you have replaced your towing vehicle and the existing pin box is not compatible or adjustable to function properly or when you simply want a better towing experience (this is especially critical for full-timing RVers).

How long would it take to install the pin box?

If you have two people doing this together, it should take about an hour or two.

How much is the MORryde pin box?

The price ranges anywhere from $680 to over $800, depending on where you purchase the unit and depending on the model choice. Keep in mind that this is for the hardware only and does not include the install labor.

How long is the warranty of the MORryde pin box?

The warranty of the MORryde pin box is three years.

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