People Have Been Living in Tiny Houses Since We Moved Out of Caves

Today Jay Shafer is featured in a video on Yahoo today talking about the benefits of living simply and in small spaces. If the idea of living in less than 100 square feet sounds crazy, I’d like to point out that McMansions are the fad; people have been living in tiny houses since we moved out of caves.

As Jay points out in the video, a lifestyle of simplicity frees up our time and money. Taking on large mortgages and vast amounts of unused square footage doesn’t typically pay us back in the way we had hoped. Many of us who have traveled down that path, are instead left with a bit of an odd sense of loss and the weight of debt.

For those who aren’t ready for extreme downsizing, or who are stuck where they are, I hope that you can still take away the idea that Tiny Houses are Icons of Freedom. They are low cost and attainable. As you visit the pages on my blog you’ll find many stories of people literally building their own secure futures with their own hands on very limited budgets.

Below is a sample floor plan from the Popomo Tiny House Plans.


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