Review: Our Tiny House Construction DVD

Last night I stayed up late watching a tiny house construction DVD that records the creation of a home for Dawn and Scott Hines. They hired a professional contractor to build the home, Chuck Peterson of C&E Construction, and recorded the end-to-end process on video.

While the DVD was not professionally produced it does capture most of the construction process and is fast paced and captivating. The framing segments provide the most detailed information including how the house is connected to the trailer. There are some areas that were not covered in detail like the plumbing, electrical, and roofing.

The DVD costs $25 and is a bit of a unique product at the moment. There are many shed construction DVDs but I’ve not seen anyone else produce a tiny house DVD. I also didn’t mind that the the DVD was done by amateur videographers. In many ways it gave a more realistic glimpse into what the construction is really like, and not how it would be like on a Hollywood set.

So I would recommend this video to anyone who is seriously considering building a tiny house that doesn’t already have construction experience. The price of the DVD is a lot less than taking a workshop and it provides a good overview of the entire process. You can buy this DVD at Dawn and Scott’s website called Our Tiny House.

This is NOT a paid endorsement.


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