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Scholar's Library Approach - Peter Gluck and Partners

Recently I came across this curious little building via Dornob. It’s a design by the architects at Peter Gluck and Partners. The building is a cube, measuring 20-feet on each side. The interior space mesures 720 square feet. It’s not a house, but serves as a library for a private collection of 10,000 books on Japanese history.

The lower level is reported to be the primary storage space for the books. The upper level is a light-filled open space with fully opening windows.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this design is that it could also serve as a secure cabin, albeit with some modifications to the open upper level. For example if one were to add sliding steel window covers and reduce the number of windows this little building could be sealed up like a fortress when the owner was away.

When I think sustainable tiny house, I don’t usually think impenetrable concrete bunker – but I know some of my readers have been looking for clever designs for secure remote cabins. Concrete and steel are definitely not high on the list of sustainable materials but they can sure make a tough place to break into.

Photo credit to Peter Gluck and Partners

Scholar's Library Windows Open - Peter Gluck and Partners

Scholar's Library Windows Closed - Peter Gluck and Partners



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