Students to Build Three Tiny Houses

Tiny house winner

A couple of days ago I posted the story of a high school class in Canada that is going to actually build three tiny houses from student designs. Ben, the student that contacted me originally, won third place, his brother won second, and their good friend Dany same up with the house they will build first. Here’s what Dany told me:

After finishing all our plans every student prepared a little presentation to promote their model to the class. Then we voted on three aspects of the plans: reliability, ease of construction, and creativeness. My house was the winner. Ben‘s brother Mathieu came in second and Ben won third place. Now we are starting construction of our houses in the school shop. We will start by building my house and then we will build Mat’s house and then Ben‘s. I believe my house was declared the winner because of the simplicity of the building. My plan does not require to much material to build and it can be a very versatile little house because the loft that can be used for many purposes.

I’m just amazed that any school would host such a wonderful project and I’m really looking forward to seeing photos of the houses during construction. I’ve also noticed that these students are really getting excited about using their drafting tools, which is mainly Google SketchUp. The school they attend is École secondaire catholique Embrun in Embrun, Canada.

Ben has even started up a blog of his own to record some of the other designs he’s coming up with. You can visit Ben’s blog at

Below is the winning design by Dany. Congratulations Dany!

Update: I got word from Ben and Dany that the construction piece of this project was canceled due to funding. Sad.



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