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Tiny Free House Update

The weather was nice this past weekend, a little hot, but not bad at all… perfect for putting the pallet boards on the roof of my Tiny Free House. I did get a bit of a sun burned on the back of my neck and arms but I did not fall off my ladder. A […]

Tiny Free House Update

I spent the weekend up at the family farm and was able to finish framing the eaves on my Tiny Free House. The front of the house is now ready for milled pallet boards which will really seal it up but first I need to do some prep work around the other sides of the […]

Tiny Free House – Roof is Framed

I took the day off work and took my daughter Katie up to the farm today. She played with Grammie and Pop and I played with my tiny free house. I completed the roof framing and just have the gable walls, loft, wheel wells, and bathroom wall left to frame. But before I get started […]

Tiny Free House Update – Roof Framing Begins

The weather was perfect for working outside this past weekend. It was cool, dry, and overcast. In fact I just beat the rain, which started as we headed home Sunday evening. I’m certain the perfect weather was a big part of why I was able to get as far as I did. I would have […]

Alternate Roof For The Tiny Free House

I stayed up late tonight trying my hand at drawing with Google SketchUp, the free 3D drawing software from Google. It’s pretty cool, you should give it a try. Start by watching the tutorial videos though; they will give you a good idea of how it works. Below are some screen shots and a video […]

Tiny Free House – Walls Half Way Up

I made more progress on my tiny free house over the last two days. I took friday off from work and was able to put in two good days building. I have to say… building with pallets is slow going. It’s tricky to figure out which pallet should go where and then cutting it to […]

New York Times Article on my Tiny Free House

A nice article on the tiny house movement and my tiny free house just got published by the New York Times. Pictured here is Jay and Greg on an Los Angeles freeway while headed south on their border to border tour. Read The Article Now Here I am on my Tiny Free House. Photo credit […]

Tiny Free House Progress – Floor Is Framed, Some Pallet Walls Are Up

I just posted a complete summary of my weekend working on the tiny free house on my project blog. But in a nutshell I spent two days building the floor out of pallets and got some pallets up for the walls. I’m not sure when or if the article will make it to print but […]

Another… Tiny Free House Update

I woke up this morning and drew a quick pitched roof, posted it, and got some immediate feedback on how to strengthen the walls. We’re thinking that staggered pallets in the walls should avoid one long weak horizontal seam around the whole house. I’m also estimating that I’ll need a total of 45 pallets for […]

Tiny Free House Update – Just Use The Pallets!

I just posted an update on my tiny free house project. A few people had suggested that I just use the pallets as they are and not to waste time cutting them up. I had discarded the idea because I thought it might be lighter and stronger to do it the hard way. After drawing […]