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University of Denver Students Speed Build a Tiny House for the Homeless

The Colorado Village Collaborative will be creating two tiny house villages. This tiny home will be a showcase tiny home for the village. Assistant Professor Eric Holt led 30 students from University of Denver’s Franklin L. Burns School of Real Estate & Construction Management, who participated in a speed build recently.

Sawhorse Revolution and Nickelsville’s Tiny House Village

Nickelsville is a self managed eco-village for up to a thousand homeless people in Seattle, WA. Sawhorse Revolution is a Seattle-based non-profit serving high-school students primarily from Central and South Seattle. Our mission is to foster confident, community-oriented youth through the power of carpentry and craft. Combining these the goals of these two non-profit organizations […]

Homeless Tiny House for the Homeless

Students at Emily Carr University of Art and Design designed and built a 144 square-foot house intended to be used as a shelter for a the homeless on Bowen Island. Sadly the local zoning & planning folks are still sorting out zoning and liability issues – making this house for the homeless, homeless. It currently […]

Alternative Housing via The United States Mission

This is a bit off-topic but seems to be a worthy alternative housing cause. I normally don’t give door-to-door solicitors the time of day. Sorry but the numerous scams I’ve seen come to my door have tainted this face-to-face sales method for me. But I typically listen politely for a few seconds before telling them […]

TenYurt – A Simple DIY Prefab Shelter

The following is a guest post by Malcolm White on a new prefab ebook he’s authored. For a long time now I have been interested in almost everything related to residential design and construction. If you looked at the bookmarks in my Internet browser you would find that category to have the most pointers by […]

Inspiration: Charles Ray Walker

One of my long-time regular readers, Dav, sent me a link to this tonight. It’s the story of Charles Ray Walker, a.k.a. Bamboo Charlie, who lives in a tiny plywood shack in Los Angeles. They say he’s homeless but from what I can see, he has definitely carved out an amazing home for himself. In 1992 while […]

Shelter 2.0

Shelter 2.0 is an incredible prefab building system designed to provide shelter for those who need a home. The parts are fabricated from standard building materials and the shelter itself can be easily assembled by inexperienced builders. The estimated cost of a 10′ by 16′ shelter will run between $1,500 and $2,250 in materials. All […]

Tiny in Tokyo

These tiny hotel capsules were originally created about 20 years ago to provide an inexpensive lodging option for those who might have missed the last train home. They measure about are about 6.5-feet deep, 5-feet wide but zero standing room. Stacked two high on two sides of a narrow corridor this type of accommodation provides […]

Could allotment gardening in Europe provide a model to end Homelessness in America?

One of my Tiny House Living readers, Wayne, passed this onto me. A Kleingarten, or allotment gardening is similar to the community gardens you might find across America but have some significant differences. The parcels typically range in size from 200 and 400 square meters each (2,100 to 4,300 square feet) and often include a […]