Tiny in Tokyo

These tiny hotel capsules were originally created about 20 years ago to provide an inexpensive lodging option for those who might have missed the last train home. They measure about are about 6.5-feet deep, 5-feet wide but zero standing room. Stacked two high on two sides of a narrow corridor this type of accommodation provides the basics and a little bit of privacy for short stays.

About two years ago they started becoming the home of last resort for Tokyo’s jobless. At about $640 a month these hotels provide a relatively low cost place to sleep, shower, and securely store personal items while the occupants search for work.

Tthis is far from an ideal living situation but it provides a place a safe home base for those that can pay the rent. EJ… thanks again for passing this onto me.

Tiny in Tokyo

Photo credit to Ko Sasaki for The New York Times


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