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George Bernard Shaw’s Spinning Shed

Alex at Shedworking.co.uk recently shared a link to an article by Greg Denisiuk that explains why George Bernard Shaw built a spinning shed. I’d actually never given much thought to the reasons why Shaw built his writing hut on a big lazy susan, but Greg did a very nice job of explaining the backstory. It […]

Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution by Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson’s new book Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution is now available. You may already be familiar with Alex’s blog, Shedworking, which regularly features shed designs, builders, and people who work from home in their own garden offices. Shedworking features stories of people discovering ways to improve their work-life balance by creating simple alternatives to […]

2010 Porch Shed Design Competition

The folks at The Secrets of Shed Building are running a design competition to design a Porch Shed. Here’s the design brief: A porch, balcony, verandah or deck at the entrance to a shed forms the  transition between the garden and the interior space. In the winter months it is a spot to get shelter […]

Radio Shedworking

Alex at Shedworking has started a weekly podcast series for shedworkers and people that work in shedlike atmospheres. The audio recordings are short and and packed with useful and entertaining information. Here are direct links to the podcasts: Shepherd Huts (03:16) George Bernard Shaw’s Writing Hut (04:09) Coping with Loneliness (04:29) Pictured here is a […]

LifePod™ – Solar Backyard Office

I spotted this on Shedworking this morning. The LifePod™ is being developed by a company in San Diego, California called Envision Solar and should be available in 2010. Envision Solar builds many different kinds of photovoltaic panel topped shade structures like those you see popping up over parking lots. The LifePod™ takes that shade structure […]

Could This Be Shedworking HQ?

Alex at Shedworking recently left his garden shed office behind when he moved. After settling into his new place he then invited people to submit ideas and designs for his next shed. Of course this sounded like a lot of fun to me so I fired up Google Sketchup and my imagination and got to […]

Help design the new Shedworking Headquarters

Alex, the fellow behind Shedworking, is running a little shed design competition. He recently moved leaving his old shed behind and now needs a new backyard shed to serve as headquarters for Shedworking. You don’t have to be a designer, everyone is welcome to participate and he’s accepting illustrations or written descriptions. For complete details […]

Strawbale Innovation in the UK

I just spotted this on Shedworking.co.uk. It’s a tiny strawbale house offered by amazonails, the leading strawbale building company in the UK. This tiny house is their answer to a growing demand for tiny strawbale houses. Their website is filled with a lot of alternative building techniques like cement-free tire foundations and using lime instead […]