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An extreme tiny living experience awaits travelers to a remote spot in the Boreal Forest. This is the Treehotel in Sweden, a collection of extreme tree houses that make-up a unique hotel in the middle of an unspoiled natural environment. Each treehouse if different, but each sits suspended in the trees and is accessed by a rope […]

Compact Cabins from Sweden

Above is the SASA1, a design from Kjellander + Sjoberg Arkitektkontor, an architectural firm in Stockholm, Sweden. They have developed a line of 15m2 (160 square feet) cabins designed to avoid building permits. They can be adapted for many different functions such as saunas, studios, garden offices, and workshops. Some can even be used year-round. The […]

Dogtrot Friggebod

One of my regular readers sent me his small house dream. David is a ex-Aussie living in Sweden and was inspired by a combination of my dogtrot tiny house concept and a friggebod. In Sweden you can generally build a friggebod (small habitable adjunct building) without permits if it is smaller than 15 square meters […]

Utter Inn (or in English, Otter Inn)

Yesterday I posted a tiny tree house hotel in Sweden, today I’m posting a tiny underwater house in Sweden. (I guess I’ve got to get myself to Sweden.) This little hotel room floats in Lake Mälaren near the town of Västerås, Sweden. Basically the little red house sits above the waterline and is the access […]