Whittled Down – Adventures in a Covered Wagon

Libby and Tristan build this tiny covered wagon on a shoestring and have now completed the finishing touches, now they can really begin to enjoy their tiny house adventure. Their plan is to move to New England after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for some time. You’re catching them at the beginning of their cross-country trek.

The house is built to be light enough to be towed by a small car with a 1000-pound tow limit. It sits on a 4′ by 8′ trailer and has a canvas covered roof. This should work well while the weather is warm but they have not ruled out a future winterizing modifications.

You’ll notice a lot of nice design touches like the dutch door, solar panel on the roof, ample storage, simple solar shower, and cat comfort zone.

I first read about this project on Tiny House Blog.

Be sure to see all the tour photos at Whittled Down.

Whittled Down Wagon - Dutch Door

8 thoughts on “Whittled Down – Adventures in a Covered Wagon

  1. Jimmy Cracked Corn says:

    This home was in my driveway for a few hours last night. It is remarkable and very well-built. They REALLY kept the weight down by using a canvas top and such a small trailer, but it has everything they need.

  2. Jamie says:

    I love this little wagon! Sweet and simple and to the point! Though I cant go gallivanting off into the sun just yet because I still have one child at home, I will in about 3 years. This is one of the sets of photos that will make it to my “IDEAS” file for sure!

  3. jim sadler says:

    For those who have trouble with zoning laws look around and see if people are allowed to have boats parked next to their homes. You can purchase an old boat hull with trailer for next to nothing. You can often get the hulls for free. Lower the tiny home into the hull and bolt it down. it is now a cabin cruiser and may well be beyond building and zoning enforcements. Sometimes to meet the law we must learn to beat the law.

  4. Amy Parks says:

    Absolutely amazing 🙂 I think it’s neat that people are starting to build their own space. Yours is awsome, I love the “kitty yard” with the door! That is one of a kind. I was wondering though, I saw the solar panel. How big is that and how much power do you get from it? I’m building a “tiny” and plan on utilizing solar power. Thanks

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