Winter at Serenity Valley

I have to hand it to Ryo Chijiiwa for toughing it out at his remote place in Northern California; and I wouldn’t knock him one single bit for choosing to head for warmer climates at this point either. It’s got to be so-dang-cold up at his off-grid cabin right now. Pictured here is Hut 1.0, the tiny shelter Ryo built last year. I imagine this is where he’ll be sleeping until he can get his new cabin closed-in and heated.

This past summer he started construction on the cabin below. It’s 120 square feet and is coming along nicely, but as you can see it still needs some exterior sheathing followed by insulation and a wood stove. At that point it will still be a work-in-progress, but it will be a warm work-in-progress.

I was also glad to see that Ryo put together a 2011 Calender (via featuring photos from Serenity Valley.

I ordered a copy strait away to help support his efforts. He’s been operating on a bit of a shoestring budget, so buying his calendar seemed like a great win-win to me.

To learn more about Ryo’s most recent efforts at Serenity Valley and/or the 2011 Calender visit his blog, Laptop and a Rifle.

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