Are you in Georgia near John’s Creek or Alpharetta?

Dan is building a tiny house for his mom near John’s Creek / Alpharetta, Georgia. Unfortunately his homeowners association finally figured out what he’s up to and has asked him to move the house. Unfortunately he’s not quite ready to haul it down to Florida where it will be completed.

Plan A is to finish the house up enough this week to make the trip down south. Luckily he’ll have some help from his step-father and brother, but like most tight spots it’s always nice to have a Plan B. In this case that would be a place to temporarily park the house nearby while it’s made road ready for it’s trip to Florida.

If you are in Georgia near John’s Creek or Alpharetta and have space for Dan to park and work on his house please contact him through his blog, You can also contact me and I’ll connect you with Dan directly. Thanks!


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