What’s the Biggest RV That you Can Buy?

Have you ever wondered what the Biggest RV in the world is? Or how expensive the world’s Biggest RV is? We’ve answered all the questions you might have about the Biggest RV in the world.

What Is the Biggest RV in the World?

The Biggest RV in the world right now is the Commander 8×8. Built by SLRV Expedition Vehicles, The Commander has a military-grade truck build that vertically extends a second story. It can run for days without filling up on water or gas because of its 264-gallon capacities.

How Big Is the Biggest RV in the World?

Here are some specific details that will give you a clear picture of The Commander’s size:

How Long Is the Biggest RV?

The Commander is about 40 feet long. With the press of a button, The Commander expands an extra 6 feet to create a second story.

How Many Square Feet Is the Biggest RV?

On average, The Commander is 323.08 square feet. Each Commander is designed based on the buyer’s preferred specs, including its size. However, it always starts with a set floor plan and the appliances desired.

How Many People Does the Biggest RV Hold?

The Commander can accommodate up to 10 people. The second floor has six beds, and there’s an extra mattress that can lay on top of the lounge table.

Who Owns the Biggest RV in the World?

The owners are an anonymous Australian family consisting of 8 people. In 2017, they contacted SLRV to construct a camper that could handle the harsh regions of Australian wildlife. The company designed a bulk vehicle with a tough exterior but comfortable living space.

Inside the Biggest RV in the World

What to expect from inside The Commander:

  • Ducted air conditioning & heating
  • Spacious lounge area/Extra bed
  • Large kitchen with the following appliances:
    • Double burner stovetop
    • 2 Microwave Ovens
    • 2 Fridges
  • A private bedroom with a private bathroom and shower
  • The second floor has the following:
    • Six single beds with individual windows and reading lights
    • A TV in the center
    • Under-bed storage

Biggest RV in Different Classes

These are currently the Biggest RVs for each class:

What Is the Biggest Class A RV?

The Entegra Cornerstone 45B is considered the Biggest RV for its class. Measured 45 feet long, the Entegra Cornerstone gives off a natural vibe with its cherry woodwork. The furniture is leather with stylized brass rivets, and the driver’s seat emphasizes maximum comfort, such as heated seats and a power footrest.

What’s incredible about this RV is the Hadley SLS Active Air Suspension System. Not only can this system adjust your airbags, but it can also level the vehicle itself whenever it parks. The ride height is also adjustable when you need more clearance for parking or drives at lower speeds.

What Is the Biggest Class B RV?

The Airstream Interstate is considered the Biggest RV for its class. This 24 feet RV can handle narrow roads and camouflages well with any natural environment. The interior offers a sliding screen door for fresh air and a computerized system that controls window shading for hotter days.

The Airstream also has an onboard generator used to power any appliances when there isn’t a power pedestal nearby. It isn’t as spacious as other RVs, but the designed layout covers all the essentials within a small space. It is a vehicle more suited for weekend trips than long-term living.

What Is the Biggest Class C RV?

The Jayco Seneca is considered the Biggest RV for its class. This 40-foot vehicle is very spacious with its interior and 84 inch high ceilings. Its build and framework keep the RV strong enough to endure high winds and violent terrains.

The Jayco Seneca has an electronic fireplace to warm the RV on winter nights. The bedroom also has a king-sized bed with a nightstand and LED TV. The bathroom is very spacious and comes with a skylight roof at the top. The RV contains ample storage space for luggage and equipment.

What Is the Biggest RV Ever Made?

The Biggest RV ever made would be the Powerhouse Ultra Line Coach. It is 52 feet long but can extend to 122 feet with a tow carriage or boat added. The interior matches a world-class hotel and drives with enough horsepower to carry another vehicle.

The Powerhouse RV gets better fuel economy than most RVs when considering what it can haul. An ordinary Class A motorcoach that gets the same fuel mileage can haul up to 50,000 pounds and 100 to 200 gallons of fuel.

How Much Is the Biggest RV in the World?

The Biggest RV in the World can cost between $670,000 to $1.37 million.

What’s the Biggest RV You Can Rent?

The Biggest RV you can rent is the 2021 Keystone Bullet 330BHS Travel Trailer. The vehicle is 37 feet long and occupies up to 10 people. It is rentable at RVezy for $175 a night.

The RV traveling experience is enhanced with a spacious walk room for family-sized parties and furniture that emphasizes comfort. The living room is equipped with strong LED lights for late-night activities and reliable nightshade blinds designed to keep the light out at night after hours.

The couch can also unfold into a spare bed for extra guests.

What Is the Biggest RV You Can Drive Without a CDL?

The Biggest RVs you can drive without a CDL are the ones that weigh less than 26,000 pounds. The rules and regulations for CDLs vary within each state and require additional research depending on where you live. Some states require a special license for RVs longer than 40 feet.

It is important to note that trailers, toy haulers, and other towable vehicles do not require a special license because of their weight.

The following are the most common special licenses:

  • The Commercial Driver License (CDL). Several classes exist for this kind, and most states do not require them for RVers.
  • Class B. There are two variations (commercial and non-commercial) that exist dependent on the state. The only state that requires RVers to own a non-commercial Class B license is California.
  • R Registration. This is a New York-specific license for RVs that weigh over 26,000 lbs.

Who Is the Biggest RV Dealer in the US?

Here is a list of the top 5 RV dealers in the US:

  • Veurink’s RV Center. This establishment is a family-owned dealership located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They carry a wide range of RVs with excellent customer service. Their facilities include:
    • Indoor heated showroom
    • 28 functional campsite display sites
    • Overnight RV parking
    • RV Parts and Service Center
  • Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales. Located in New Castle, Indiana, Walnut Ridge gifts its customers with the best offers. The business is within a local community, creating personal and long-lasting relationships. If you purchase an RV from their business, they offer two free nights on their campground as a trial period for their vehicle.
  • United RV Center. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, this family-owned business has over 200 new and pre-owned RVs ready to be sold. Their parts and accessory store is one of the biggest located in Texas. It is also part of the Route 66 Network and branched out in 150 locations.
  • LazyDays RV. One of the largest RV dealerships based in Florida. It’s considered the nation’s top selection of luxury diesel RVs. The employees are so genuine that they began a charity foundation called “The Lazyboy Employee Foundation.”
  • Affinity RV Center. The Largest RV Dealership in Prescott, Arizona. This facility specializes in selling Winnebagos. They offer rental services and a 24/7 dump station for vehicle cleaning, free tire pressure checks, and propane fill-ups.

What Are The Biggest RV Manufacturers?

Here is a list of the top 5 RV Manufacturers in the US:

  • Forest River Inc. About 83% of RVs manufactured in the US happen in Indiana, with Forest River leading in sales. They specialize in selling Class A RVs, campers, motor homes, travel trailers, wheelchair vans, buses, and fishing boats.
  • REV Group. Not only do they specialize in RV sales, but this company also manufactures vehicles designed for all kinds of industries. These include firetrucks, sweepers, ambulances, school buses, and more of the same variety.
  • Winnebago Industries. This company specializes in RVs in the Class A and Class C categories. They also are responsible for making other specialty vehicles such as motor homes, plastics, and aluminum extrusions.
  • Tiffin Motorhomes. This company creates RVs of the Class A and Class C categories. They also design recreational motor homes and chassis for residential applications.
  • Pacific Coachworks, Inc. This company specializes in RVs.Such products include toy haulers, travel, and fifth-wheel trailers.

What Is the Largest RV Show in America 2022?

The Hershey RV Show is considered the largest RV show in America. Taking place in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this spectacle can house over 1300 RV vehicles from 45 different manufacturers. It’s a massive convention full of accessory shops, campgrounds, insurance, and other RV-related events.

The show takes place on the second week of September, located at Hershey Park Giant Center. On average, about 60,000 people attend, some being manufacturer reps and company Presidents.


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