Scamp Trailer Price 2022 (New and Used)

Scamp trailers help camping enthusiasts enjoy a more comfortable experience without the expense of a large RV.

Scamp Trailer Price 2022

Scamp trailer prices range from a few thousand dollars for an older used 13′ model to $23,000 or more for a 19′ deluxe model with all available add-ons.

Let’s see if Scamp trailers are worth the investment.

Scamp Camper Background

A Scamp camper is an American-made, lightweight, pull-behind travel trailer or 5th wheel with a fiberglass shell.

The company started in 1972 and still makes campers to order in their Backus, Minnesota, factory, using all American-made components.

Several floor plans are available for the different sized models. All campers have features that make them dependable and lost-lasting, like R15 insulation, which stands up to being heated in the sun better than other types of insulation.

A marine-grade material with the affectionate nickname of “rat fur” resists mold and moisture and lines the inside of Scamp trailers. This lining protects the inner surface from being ruined by condensation.

These campers have an aerodynamic design to minimize wind resistance, making them easier to pull with a car.

The lightweight fiberglass and this design make the Scamp camper more fuel-efficient to haul than many other camper brands.

Types of Scamp Campers

Scamp campers come in 13′, 16′, and 19′  models with different floor plan options.


Length Width Height Interior Length Interior Width Interior Height Weight Hitch Weight
13′ 6′ 8″ 7′ 6″ 10′ 6′ 6″ 6′ 2″ 1200-1500 lbs 100-150 lbs
16′ 6′ 8″ 7′ 6″ 13′ 6′ 6″ 6′ 2″ 1750-2000 lbs 185-200 lbs
19′ 6’8″ 8′ 10″ 17′ 10″ 6′ 6″ 6′ 2″ 2200-2800 lbs 400 lbs

13′ Model

The 13′ model is the least expensive of all Scamper trailers. You can choose a base model without a shower and toilet or have those added. Deluxe models include a birch or oak front dinette or a deluxe front bath with a shower, toilet, and bathroom sink.

Scamp’s 13′ models sleep one to four people and have a 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator. They have all models’ standard city water hookup and 12-gallon water tank.

16′ Model

An extra three feet in length offers a base model with a shower, toilet, and extra room to sleep up to five people.

The deluxe models offer a 3.7 cubic foot refrigerator and birch or oak dinette and cabinetry.

19′ Model

Scamp’s 19′ model is a 5th wheel you can still tow with a car, but your fuel efficiency will suffer if you travel many hills or steep grades. For ordinary driving, you won’t notice much of a difference.

This model sleeps up to six people with room for more storage and counter space. It comes standard with a shower and toilet. A deluxe option adds oak or birch dinette seating and cabinetry.

Scamp 5th Wheel Floor Plans

The 19′ model is the Scamp 5th wheel which has two floor-plan options for the deluxe model.

The standard model floor plan has the dining table with bunks on both sides at one end and a queen-sized loft bed with optional storage. The sink and refrigerator are on one side, with the stove and the bathroom facing on the other side.

The deluxe 5th wheel has a larger bathroom that separates the loft queen bed from the main area.

The table and bunk ends are the same in all three layouts, but the deluxe model offers two ways to arrange the cooking and counter area, depending on whether you want more counter space or closet space.

What Is the Average Price of a Scamp Trailer?

It’s nearly impossible to give an average definitive price of any Scamp trailer model. Prices vary by add-ons that increase the base price, sometimes several thousand dollars. Expect to pay between $15,000 and $30,000 for a Scamp trailer.

You can only buy a new Scamp trailer through the company because they build new trailers to order. You either have to drive to Backus, Minnesota, to pick it up at the factory or pay to have it delivered.

The delivery cost varies by location and shipping company used, but it can add another $2,000+ to the final price.

Many people opt for newer-model used Scamps sold in their region to save on waiting for the manufacturing time and delivery costs.

How Much Does a New 13′, 16′, and 19′ Scamp Cost?

If you live in Minnesota and you’re willing to drive to the factory in Backus to pick up your trailer, you can save money over having it delivered.

Scamp requires you to call them for a list of prices rather than advertising them on their website, and their pricing can change on the fly until you order and lock in the price. You usually have to order months in advance.

You might find that a new model costs a few thousand less overall if you’re willing to spend some time on the road to get it.

Model Main Features Average Price
13′ Standard features, no bathroom $15,590
16′ Layout #4 with shower, toilet, and 3 bunk beds $20,490
19′ Queen-Sized Loft Bed $23,090

Average Cost of Used 13′,16′, and 19′ Scamp Trailers

You can find used Scamp trailers ranging in price from $2,000 up to $22,000, depending on the age and condition of the trailer, the features included, and whether you’re buying it from a private owner or a dealer.

Model Main Features Average Price
13′ With a Deluxe Bath Package $9,000
16′ Deluxe With Bathroom and Shower $12,000
19′ Queen-Sized Loft Bed $15,000

Standard vs. Deluxe Model Cost Difference

The price of a Scamp trailer varies based on whether it’s the base or standard model or the deluxe model. Deluxe models also have many add-on options that can raise the price by thousands of dollars.

A standard 13′ trailer can cost about $15,000, but the model with a deluxe bath and dinette can cost over $20,000.

A 19′ trailer starts around $23,000 for the base model, but the deluxe model with a bathroom-separated queen-sized loft bed and many other add-ons can cost as much as $30,000.

Is Buying a Scamp Trailer Worth It?

Whether buying a Scamp trailer is worth it depends on what you want in a travel or camping experience.

Instead of paying $25,000 or more for the deluxe 19′ model with several add-ons, you might find it more cost-efficient to buy a used RV or pull-behind slide-out trailer for a little bit more.

Scamp trailers offer several benefits for campers above other options, including:

  • Lightweight and easy to pull with any vehicle
  • Costs less in fuel because of the lighter weight
  • No special driving classes or concerns because of the smaller size
  • Fewer moving parts to break down (like no slide-outs to malfunction)
  • No need for RV hookups – set up anywhere you want
  • Quality American-made product with American-made parts
  • The fiberglass shell is durable and long-lasting
  • The small size makes it easy to store when not in use
  • Affordable middle-ground between tent camping and “glamping” in a fancy RV

If you have a large family, a small Scamp might be too cozy if you plan to spend much time inside.

Even in larger models that can sleep a family, the inside is still small enough that several people staying in at once can make it feel crowded.

If the camper is mostly for sleeping while you plan to spend much of the time outdoors, perhaps under the optional pull-out awning, a Scamp trailer can be ideal for family camping trips.

Where to Find Used Scamp Trailer for Sale Near You

Local Craigslist ads and Facebook Marketplace ads are worth looking at, but always be cautious about giving away your address or meeting anyone to discuss the sale. Meet during the daytime in public places where other people are around for safety.

Local RV dealerships sometimes have used travel trailers and 5th-wheel trailers for sale. Any local shopper or classified ad paper where people buy, sell, and trade may also produce used Scamp trailers.

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