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Acacia by Minimaliste

The Acacia by Minimaliste is 29-feet long and perfect for a small family. In this specific case this one was built for a mother and teenage daughter. It has a downstairs bedroom, two lofts, and a sofa bed for guests. There are a couple custom features requested for this particular client. Minimalist had not yet […]

Off-Grid Scandinavian Style Tiny House

Mat & Danielle from the Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel recently posted news of their visit with Kate & Simon Cabane, the creators of this Scandinavian-style tiny house. It’s a 20-foot tiny house on wheels that’s currently located off-grid in Quebec, Canada. It has a fully functional kitchen with a full size sink, mini gas range, and apartment […]

Leaf House – a Tiny House in the Yukon

I’m continually amazed with the creativity and craftsmanship coming out of the tiny house community recently. This tiny house is another excellent example. Laird lives up in the Yukon Territory, Whitehorse to be precise, and has just finished building his second tiny home. This design is called the Leaf House; here’s what he told be about […]

10 Square – Competition Entries

The 10 Square Design Competition entries have now been posted to the competition’s blog. Juried finalists will be announced (via the Shelter Blog) Tuesday, October 19th. Voting for the “people’s choice” entry will run from October 12th through October 26th (5 pm PST) and will be announced as soon as possible after the voting ends. This design competition […]

100% Nasty Free – Punkle’s Farm

If the story of Heimo Korth, the trapper that lives in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, was a bit to extreme for you, as it was for me at times; you’ll appreciate this trailer for a movie about Punkle’s Farm. It’s a sustainable farm in Eastern Ontario that grows salad greens, fresh herbs and vegetables. […]

Small Family Birdhouse

One question a lot of people have been asking recently centers around tiny houses and families. It’s true that many of the very small homes are inhabited by one or two people, so where are the tiny houses for families? Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a few of those stories and some design […]

Green Shed Design Competition Winners

Pandora Park Community Garden Society, In Vancouver, B.C., recently organized a garden shed design competition. Here’s how they describe what they were going after: “The primary objective is to demonstrate that natural, hand built, recycled, or otherwise sustainably produced building materials and technologies can be used in a contemporary aesthetic and community garden context.” Below […]

Daphne’s Caravans

Pictured here is a collection of gypsy caravans camped out at NERO Canada. If you’d like to build one of these tiny homes yourself Daphne’s Caravans can help. They have a growing online forum that they call The Caravan Workshop where you can connect with other caravan owners and builders. They can also be hired to […]

Focus on the Future – Small is beautiful and eminently livable – By Michael Mehta

Back in November I posted the story of Michael Mehta’s small house on Gabriola Island in British Columbia. Shortly after that Michael mentioned to me that he was working on an article that focused on the benefits of simple living and small homes. To help with the research I reached out to you, my readers, […]