Tiny Houses on KWMR Talk Radio

I was invited to take part in a talk radio show discussion this morning on the topic of tiny houses. KWMR is a small community radio station in West Marin County, California. The other show guest was Stephen Marshall, who builds tiny houses in Sonoma County, California. You can see Stephen’s creations at Little House on the Trailer.com.

The hour talk show is called Swimming Upstream and is hosted by Mike Litchfield. Mike has been a professional writer for many years and has written eight books on home design and renovation. He was also the founding editor of Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Stephen and I had a great time talking with Mike about our favorite topic. Stephen was in the studio with Mike and I was on the phone from my home in Fair Oaks, California.


To listen to a recording of the radio show just click the play button in the player above.

The only correction I want to mention is that there was a little misunderstanding about my background, I’m not an architect. I couldn’t figure out a way to slip that correction in on the fly.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Tiny Houses on KWMR Talk Radio

  1. SteveR says:

    Perhaps not an architect by training or vocation on a full time basis…but there are many kinds of architects. At some point, you will have to accept that you are, now, indeed one 🙂

  2. Owen Geiger says:

    Very insightful interview with many poignant thoughts. I particularly enjoyed the statement (paraphrased) “the tiny house movement is an unstoppable force.” How true.

  3. Stephen Gatlin Ph.D. says:

    I think I’ve mentioned as much, before. I admit that I’m fascinated by, say, Palladio’s Escape Cottage, and other houses besides. But these Tiny Houses are absolutely of no value in suburban Philadelphia. Buying even the smallest conceivable plot of land on which to put such a house is well-nigh impossible. And were you to find a likely spot, the land would cost ten times as much as the house.

    This is assuming you would not be zoned out, which you almost certainly would be. Yes. These houses are custom made for the heart of the country. But for city and suburban dwellers…I don’t get it (or them).

    Stephen Gatlin

  4. Deek says:

    Great job Michael!

    As for small houses not being suited for the city, I can’t tell you how many books out there have featured roof-top ad-ons/park-ons….one famous one being “The Parasite” (in Mimi Zeiger’s book, and others).
    Therefore, its proven, in some cases, if you look beyond “expensive city land”- there are solutions….Imagine the view you’d have too! Add a few bucket-gardens, rainbarrels, etc- and you’re good to go.
    I also know a few people with crushing city mortages, and private, city-lot, backyards who would welcome a good mini-house-parking tennant to help them cover their tax burdens.

    • Michael Janzen says:

      Hi Tony,

      That house in the video is not very accessible. Although when Jay broke his leg a while back he got around OK on crutches ironically. In fact the walls are so close crutches were not always needed.

      But we are all working on new designs that will be accessible. This is a commonly asked for requirement.

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