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L’Odyssée – French Tiny House

This 217 square foot tiny house was built by Baluchon, a tiny house company in Nantes, France. I really like the way the white walls and different woods work together to brighten and define the space. It has two lofts, and an unusual design feature there too. One loft, accessed by stairs, is more like a […]

Students Build a Solar Powered Tiny House

In 2015, students at REALM Charter High School in Berkeley built two identical solar-powered 100 square foot tiny houses. The students worked with experienced architects & builders and in conjunction with Studio H – a non-profit organization that teaches young people to design and build their future using heart, hands, and hammers. The houses are […]

This is what a $25K Tiny House looks like

When the tiny house movement was new, $25K tiny homes were common. In fact owner-builders often reported spending $15K to $25K to build their homes themselves. These days, with all the tiny house hype on television and luxury tiny homes popping-up, it seems like there are more and more $75K tiny houses – which makes […]

Luke & Tina’s Basecamp Tiny House

Somewhere near Beaverton, Oregon on a wooded lot, Luke & Tina and their three dogs live in this 204 square foot tiny house. They call it Basecamp. Inside you’ll find a living room, kitchen, bathroom, loft bedroom, and ample storage. There is also kennel space, hidden doggie dens, and a water bowl that is fed by rainwater. Outside is […]

A Tiny Task – Builds a Tiny House in 3 days!

TaskRabbit’s Tiny House will be auctioned off for charity with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Community Solutions, a national nonprofit helping communities take on complex social challenges through collaboration and creative problem solving. Tiny House is a symbol of our shared vision and a reminder that, given the right tools and the right opportunities, no […]

Life Inside A Box – Building a Tiny House

Derek and Hannah are building a tiny house at Life Inside A Box. The video below is a record of what Derek built on Day 18 of their tiny house build. Right now is a great time to jump-in and follow their project. The walls of the house are up, and Derek is fastening the exterior […]

Toybox Tiny Home

The Toybox tiny home is just 140 square feet and designed by Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz. On the outside a three cube structural design is enhanced by varying exterior treatments. Inside the cubes carry over to form three functional and versatile including a kitchen, bathroom, ample seating, and a sleeping loft. The tiny home […]

$3750 Tiny Earth Bag Home – Total Cost for Completed Exterior

I love following the progress of this family’s tiny house projects. This time they are building a tiny house for their son Bryson on their homestead. Technically they call this tiny house his bedroom. $3750 Total Cost Outside completed!! It always feels so great to reach a checkpoint on the buildings! Now we will be moving […]

Steampunk Adventure Home

As featured on Tiny House Nation, this 340 sq. ft. Steampunk Adventure Home is ready for full time living. It’s designed with a country and industrial feel. Inside this tiny home on wheels you can see a spacious kitchen, cozy living space, two sleeping lofts and bathroom. There’s a kid’s loft above the living space and the parent’s loft […]

MH by Wishbone Tiny Homes

This is a new 10′ x 24′ tiny house by Wishbone Tiny Homes. It was a custom design for a local customer. It’s build on a stout 3 axle trailer. It features: A removable front porch over tongue Lapped cedar siding on the bottom + Poplar bark siding on top Onduvilla roofing a cook’s kitchen […]